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NPJ is eclectic, philosophical, literary, and edgy.” Hilary Bowring

NPJ is a non-profit international literary digital journal – it’s an opportunity for creative expression and exploring the edge on a variety of subject matter. We do not knowingly publish disinformation.

We review and consider all submitted literary, photographic, art and links to video and Youtube work for publication. Please include any art. photographic and links to video work with your article that you wish to have published.

If you wish us to provide an image for your work please let us know. We follow copyright regulations and do not knowingly publish private or copyright material without consent.

We publish novellas directly on NPJ. If a Contributor wishes to advertise their book(s) on NPJ, please let us know.

We are not a music publisher but offer links in contributor writings to appropriate platforms.

Please review our vision statement under About Us and edit your work before submitting for any last minute revisions, corrections or contact us for assistance.  We offer minor editing if requested. There is no word count or limit on length of presentation – the limit revolves around your subject matter.

For further information please visit our Privacy Policy.

Protocol for reprinting and use of NPJ material: Use of any written or artistic work or reprint of article from any and all NPJ contributors requires that author’s permission. If granted by that author their protocols are applicable.  Please contact Uriel Dana directly for her works and appropriate protocol at

Acknowledgement of and links to NPJ website is requested when reprinting  other works on this website. NPJ periodically reprints material and follows the same protocol of original sources with accompanying links. The authors and artists that publish on NPJ own their works. 

Narrative Paths Journal contributors are volunteers. We do not offer reimbursement or a stipend for contributor’s submissions at this time. As a nonprofit digital journal we provide online space and an opportunity for beginning and experienced writers and interns. The articles belong to the author’s of the articles.  Should NPJ sell its publication it shall not transfer any written material to another entity without the author’s knowledge and permission. Should NPJ become defunct for any reason all articles shall be deleted. Author’s may also have their articles deleted upon request at any time.

As noted under our Privacy Policy:  

NPJ is for the mature minded and intellectually thoughtful, tolerant reader: We subscribe to the belief in a censorship free site as part of First Amendment Rights. As former US Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan observed, “one man’s vulgarity is another’s lyric.” 

Thank you for your support.

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