the ballet of existence – naked & temporal


by LJ Frank

the ballet of existence

birthed naked and temporal

to dance sole, a leap into the myriad

worldly a teacher of wisdom

the architecture of the mind’s eye 

desire, love, passionate compassion

an eros without deliberation

to live as it is in anticipation

a terse scarlet memoir of hope

our role between earth and heaven

footprints vanish in the sand –

remember to show kindness

for a man and a woman seek dignity

within their means of the times

so, give them space and choice

we are ashes in a sneeze of a minute

a heart quivers knowingly

the voices from ancestors’ nod

drifting beyond the horizon

a child waits for a promise

nourished from a sea of sightless trust

but where is the Maestro of grace and mercy

who creates the purpose for Being

a wind blows across crested waves

shapeless dust settles on the surface

a murmur is a spiritual roar

it’s virtuous to give without blinking

an affirmation of what am I

the ballet of existence transcends

the naked and temporal.