The bulwark of leadership: Conscience, Courage, Compassion & Non-Violence

Pexels. Pavel Danilyuk, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

“A nation built on greed is not a nation, it is merely a legal framework for rape and pillage, slavery and exploitation, theft, murder and genocide”…. Rivera Sun

Organized protests serve as an opportunity to cast light on injustice.  As injustices mount, so may protests……non-violent demonstrations can be troublesome for those wishing violence but are essential to compassionate and courageous leadership.

When violence purposefully occurs under the actions of others not aligned with the organized nonviolent protests, scapegoats are purposefully targeted to deflect from actors working behind the scenes.  The disguises arrive in the form of projecting lies as truths and utilizing disinformation tactics to undermine the legitimate non-violent protests.

Protestors such as antifa (anti-fascists or opposed to fascism and authoritarianism), are many times identified as left of center…the “Center” being a fluid term) ……they are described as a terrorist group by actual terrorists’ and or hate groups such as Christian Nationalists to the Ku Klux Klan and Oath Keepers.  The scheme of dividing and conquers is an elemental tactic……whereas racists and hate groups self-label themselves as patriotic. The United Sates is but one country experiencing the language of violence in social and news media, and in the streets.

The brutal deaths we have witnessed from the massive amounts of shootings in this country breeds anger and frustration and expresses a deeper malaise. The irony is that crime is masquerading as patriotism…. whether shooting others in “self-defense”, antisemitic voices, gender and racial bias, and abusive epithets…. the language of violence is on the rise…even the previous President of the US said if he’s not elected there will be a bloodbath. Language is the first step towards strongman (dictatorial) advocacy and giving up personal responsibility for one’s actions. We are indeed living in an Orwellian age.

 Are we seeing a paradigm shift in the meaning of what we once held dear in the past no longer relevant?  Democracy is a raucous experiment. We have to determine what is myth and what is real. What are the realities and myths we live by?

Evolutionary changes can occur in bursts – we have a merge in technology, self-driving vehicles, AI integration, religions crossing over into the public square – the politics of a nation that claims to have separation of church and state, pandemics, endless wars and the real senseless increase in poverty and hopelessness that envelopes the spirit of an increasing majority of humans that are struggling merely to put food on their tables. Women’s health rights are being formally and informally suppressed.  Why is that? What are “white men” afraid of? We are struggling to stay afloat on an overpopulated planet.

Where are the policy makers?  Who do we turn to when our brothers and sisters, daughters and sons die from a stranglehold of violence and poverty and cannot afford to see a medical doctor, let alone much needed medication?

The issues that confront us are symptomatic of a continuing shift in consciousness.  We get wary that we are condemning our children, our friends and all of our fellow citizens to the same fate as those identified as less than human.  A shift in consciousness is required to insist that we remain vigilant for our survival and personal growth. The causes are real…………..the culture hero is no longer relevant.  Being human may be the shape of the 21st century hero under the new paradigm as humans and machines have already begun to merge…………so let us ask, do we continue to allow for this total disregard of the human spirit while we claim to be in the midst of a paradigm shift in consciousness?  Who and where are the non-violent leaders in the world today?

Can someone tell me what the fuck are we smoking?