the café is empty……still……?

Source: Public Domain

by LJ Frank

The café was built in the summer of 1929. Life altering changes affecting much of human existence…… all were at or around the corner.

Gazing into the empty café one could imagine hearing engaged voices from the past. Whispers, smiles, frowns, laughter, an air of excitement and unease.

A man and a woman stood at the entrance.  She was wearing a pinstripe suit and high heels. He was wearing an open collar shirt underneath a sports coat, a skirt, tights, and loafers.

To change culture, we must change fashion and language, the woman suggested.

Fashion is in the mind of the beholder, the era, culture, climate, beliefs…… the situation in which you live. History and geography.

We are culture.

And culture is contextual.

With heavy doses of propaganda?

Myths have to start some place.

Knowledge laundering?

I have an apple. Would you like a bite?

Perhaps people should be careful in who they pretend to be.

They just might become that……?

The café is empty……still……?

What day is it?

Or year?