Guest Column: The Case for Meditation and Chanting OM

by Hilary Bowring*

In these turbulent times in the world we can feel very disturbed and stressed out. A feeling of stability is hard to attain –often the Mind is very active in head arguments on this that and the other. The future doesn’t look simple and bright ….and for some positively scary. Many cries for Help.

Our Mind is a magnificent tool in our life –we can imagine and create wonderful videos on the canvas of our mind that can become a reality. Or we can swing back and forth intellectually on a subject of annoyance or threat or fear creating more confusion that even gets darker in the middle of the night ! Murder can seem the only solution in the middle of the night!!

And this is part of our human experience.

Many people are experimenting with ways to get control of our mind, Heart Centred Meditation was the practice that helped me so much in the darkest hours of the soul with my own mind so I offer that as a genuine power to bring peace and inner ability to get back into a calmness zone no matter what life serves.

It is a practice though, it takes time to bear fruit, as one of my amazing teachers said “There is a mystical alchemy in Meditation” And that has been my experience—time goes by and something comes up for you that used to drive you mad, trigger you insanely—and you go –oh it stopped happening…no therapy, no conscious event that created the shift . That is the power of meditation.

So I offer this meditation to all—Mind into the Heart meditation– to help you get out of the busy stressed out mind into the calm confidence of your soul heart …

Try this every morning to create a conscious mindset for your day before you start the day.

I sincerely hope it bears fruit in your inner state to remain calm when everyone around you is not. Because if that happens you can use the imagination and wisdom contained in your own soul, to express the unique You, which I  believe for each of us is important to offer no matter how small it may seem to you –it may have a big bearing on the future through the impact of the ripple effect.

Please connect with your soul in your heart for guidance-we all need what you have to offer.

combined with OM

The Primordial sound that reconnects us with our soul and all that is. The sound that knows no barriers between us dissolves all sense of Otherness. Keep on OM ing –it works!

*Healer, Writer, Teacher