The Color of Skin

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor

The prophetic dream, and so she rises……….an experienced traveler in nighttime journeys, who holds the keys.

The Elders have spoken, the observers have arrived. They watch the fire, they need flame. Time has come when they march with weapons and why don’t they know?

The fire will burn their skin. All of this has stemmed from pain, pain changes people, and so the people must shed their skin. 

The energy of color was used in India, China, Egypt, and Greece thousands and thousands of years ago, known for its importance and potential. Yet, the color of skin has been viewed without insight. Skin has color for a reason, skin can change color in locations, and so the question is…………… if, for example, you could think more deeply, if the traveler were to use her keys to help you see the images and auras……….?

But they fear her, for some reason, that encounter, too surreal to have that one moment of clarity that would be a compassionate acknowledgement of who men and women really are………”WE WILL KNOW LESS AND LESS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN “

(The picture is a picture of Dina Peone, she was a former burn patient who fell asleep along with her sister with candles burning that eventually ignited a house fire. Her sister escaped with minimal burns. Dina suffered a TBSA (Total Body Surface Area) of 65% deep third-degree burns, too much of her upper torso, losing many of her fingers. She suffered an inhalation injury to both her lungs and she developed scarring that we referred to as cords, the scars attach to some piece of viable skin, and create a tension that will need to be released at some time, as the pain and discomfort will only worsen with time.  She was in an induced coma for two months, mechanically ventilated, and not expected to survive, but she did.) 

I took a gallery of pictures of her. Dina went on to become a college student, a brilliant woman that I have since lost track of. She is a survivor. I worked as a Professional Registered Nurse in a State Designated Burn Intensive Care Unit for many years, this is my work.