Inquiry: The death of an idea called America?

Source. Pexels. Mikhail Nilov, Photographer

by LJ Frank

Our most intimate and revealing clothing is our language (and the actions that follow that language). Is racism, misogyny, bullying, hate, greed, “arrogance of deception,” disinformation and fear now more than ever potent ingredients in the language of politics surrounding the American dream or fantasy? Populist fantasies when they are played out may have unsettling if not unplanned and alarming results.

Communication between differing opinions requires diplomacy, tact, knowledge of the cultures and of people of all races and gender identity. The challenge of a demagogic fantasy in small part is that when shame is lost the question then becomes will it ever return again? Facts and evidence are essential in public dialogue where a democracy and civility are at stake.

Within the dialogue is the nature of compassion that is critical to the concept of democracy. Compassion has no pretext, it has no agenda, political allegiance, party, geographical or cultural identity or boundary.

The voices of the disenfranchised, disabled, unemployed, impoverished and the new emerging homeless class are drowned out by an election and presidency founded on anger, distrust and deception. What are the downstream effects of any election when founded on anger, meanness and fanned by fear and retribution?

It appears we are experiencing the death of a noble idea. That idea was fragile from the beginning as men such as Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams so well understood. Again, it’s critical that we acquire a taste for truth based on the facts. I wonder how much time this democracy called “America” has when the truth is cast aside for expediency, power, profit and exploitation?