Rhythms: The Debt by LJ Frank


Allegations collide

nonlinear words drone against a plaster ceiling

amiss is an adjective

amid the theory & content of chaos,

everyone is suspect

while no one is

Inspector Clouseau queries,

is anyone hiding there in the dark?


Surveillance, the ubiquitous voyeur

cameras blink in flashes

the overhead prism of dangling colors,

choice appears as an orifice

legs spread on direction

toes curled with penetration,

reflection in the mirror of a multiple reality

an evolving design of its predecessor

as uniforms with faces of greed


for living & dying are mere moments apart

debtor prisons lobbied for

unless one has a private jet.


The pews filled with the iniquitous

think on your sins is a cliché

and God is a word invented by men

inspired by natural & unnatural fears implanted

The albatross of the human spirit

wings flutter in the air to lighten the burden

as the human cells change every ninety days

seeking a rebirth and another chance.


Banks fill their coffers

the trades pass through their accounts

national & international finance beget

metaphors of obligation

as the cache of arms, drugs & transactions of paper

channeled into off shore accounts,

whomever manages the debt


the dogma of wealth ratified

simper is a coyly smiling verb

and ascendancy is a noun for domination.