The Deep Longing for Higher Love: Answering the Call Within You

by Hualani Janice Mark *



For as long as I can remember, I have felt the desire for something different, like a yearning tugging at the inside of my chest. It felt like I’d known it forever, this ancient whisper from the deep dark womb of the world vibrating through my bones. Whether I was conscious of this or not, it operated as an undercurrent in my life, dictating my choices to somehow answer an incessant curiosity and deep desire to discover the mystery of my being. It provided the hope of assuaging the pain of separation from the sacred and replacing it with something truly fulfilling.

Over time, this obsession of mine became a distraction from what was trying to propel me into real authenticity. It felt like home, mysterious, yet so familiar. I realize now that what I was hearing was a call of love to retrieve a life that is rooted in union, dignity, sovereignty, joy, deep connection, and greater possibility. I could feel that it was ripe with magic, wonder, and meaning, and with it, I would awake to the knowing that I am a unique expression of loving intelligence and an original configuration of intimacy with all life.

Expanding your Concept of Love and the Universality of Love.

We’re conditioned by the belief that love is dependent upon an emotion that is felt between two people. Most love songs have given us a distorted impression of what love is. In fact, most love songs appeal to the loss of love, which is nothing but an illusion. Love is not a feeling or an emotion, it is not something that can be lost or found. Love is universal. To understand this, we must open our minds to the love that always exists within us. Devotion to a Higher Love is all that is needed. This devotion opens us to an outpouring of what really is – namely, an evolutionary impulse of connection and intimacy with life.

This yearning is an obsession that we all sense in different ways, but we don’t talk about. We keep looking in places where we’ll never discover this Higher Love. We don’t slow down enough to really listen to what is wanting to emerge through us underneath all the pain. We don’t talk about it because so many of us are not even aware that there’s a better, higher, more real option until someone or something brings it into our awareness.

Perhaps, we may read something new or maybe we experience a life challenge that brings us to our knees. At a point of crisis, we may even doubt whether radical self-acceptance is even possible, and we might wonder if Higher Love can really be lived in the moment. Even if we meet someone who is walking as love, it can be scary to allow the presence of the evolutionary force they reflect for us to enter the space we’ve carved out for ourselves, because we can feel its power to break our heart wide open and ignite the sacredness of our life. Then, who would we be?

Divine Love has been Silenced for Far Too Long.

Underneath our yearning and worrying is a divine prompting to meet what the heart is truly desiring. If we listen intently, inwardly, we will hear the voice of mystery calling our name, seducing us into its full embrace. Divine Love (that which is pure and all-inclusive) is a life adventure that should be ‘opened’ rather than ‘taken’, to allow what is perpetually emerging to blossom from within us and between us.

It is tremendously exciting to accept that inner invitation to leap consciously and courageously into the mystery of a new possibility and bring it into form – breath by breath – step by step. This is a profound opportunity to create a life of sacred beauty, as we surrender to something greater than ourselves. This puts the power of love back in our hearts and our hands. It’s a deep dive into unknown territory, an adventure into the depths of our existence. This higher love is a state of being – a virtue, a Divine enchantment that is the voice of the evolutionary impulse. We feel the pulse of the optimizing force of life that originally gave birth to our existence.

When we declare our commitment to this unfolding, our obsession makes a profound shift into devotion! Divine Love is evolutionary, initiating the onset of a new paradigm world view and an identity shift. Divine Love rips out the footing we’ve made in our world of comfort and can catapult us into creating a new world – one that serves an emerging future where all life thrives. It can feel disconcerting, but at that point, we become ready to feast on the fruits of the real. The blessings of this realignment are very much beyond our conformity and call us out into greater human capacities.

Remember: Divine Love is a dance … not a stance.

We cannot stand still in the face of Divine Love. Like a dance, it is fluid, all pervading, and ever-changing with a presence of pure radiance. It fully embraces all of what we think we are and then some. It gathers up all our conditioning and judgement, pulling us out of the gravity of the past and the old paradigm stories, releasing our attachment to the kind of wounded language that we have, perhaps at times, projected on to others.

But those old stories and behaviours just separate us from Higher Love. Higher Love takes what we no longer need and transfigures all of that back into the wholeness of our true nature which is Divine Love. It demands our attention away from transcendence of our pain body and commands that we sink deeper into love, allowing our so-called imperfections an opportunity to come back into harmony.

What is happening, magically within you, when you become completely present to your humanity, is that you will awaken the places within you that previously did not seem to be available to love. Nothing is banished, condemned, or relegated to the badlands. Even the stuff you really want to ignore, you can see the light in the ugliness. Higher Love is the fabric and pulse of everything being birthed. It is infinite, eternal, and impeccable, always present and generating beauty. That’s how big you are. Your genius and everything you’ve experienced is part of the experience of love, including what we sometimes call our shadows.

How to Enjoy the Gifts of Divine Love.

Fortunately, Divine Love is the ultimate in inclusiveness. It’s all encompassing, enveloping, fully embracing. Everything is all in: all your light and all your shadow. Divine Love is infinite. It provides a healing balm for your sorrow and nurtures your magnificence, leaving space for the wonder of possibility.

When the illusions of separateness begin to fall away, what do you discover? Oh hello – You are love! You release heaps of dogma, shame, shadows, and self-loathing, and you finally forgive those seemingly unforgiveable elements of your life that you no longer need. You return to the remembrance of your original state.

Once you recognize and embrace the love that you are, you begin to recognize it in everyone around you, their genius, and their personal tendencies. You radiate love in all directions. You have space for it all. You have enough shine to handle all the dark nasties that might dredge up from the underworld, while also, being the Light of the universe. You root yourself into the knowing that you are created of this evolutionary substance – your truth of existence that includes it all. And why not? How could Creation abandon what has already been created? It is the most natural thing in the world!

You may find that it takes courage to align yourself with the purity of love, but wouldn’t it be so liberating to engage with Divine Love and begin to flow along with love’s evolutionary current? It will prompt you to aspire higher and dive deeper into each moment. It seeps into you until you embody all its virtues and permeates all that you’re doing. Virtues are a state of being within Divine Love, and you will find that higher states of consciousness are always trying to pour these virtues into you.

Love what is here right now. You will come to love all the possibilities of what love can be in your life – even the unknown and unfathomable – expanding out to loving the mystery of it all, including whatever is in your space, with no judgement. You will hold sacred space for what is emerging in the moment, swimming in the oneness of what is.

The sovereignty of Divine Love is coded within you waiting to be expressed, and it allows you to meet the challenges of your day and your world. You may have thought that pure love is reserved for the spiritually elite, when in fact, it is available to everyone. All you must do is say, “Yes!” to its full embrace and commit all your actions to the expression of Divine Love. This will begin to attune your nervous system and return your humanity into coherency with your multi-dimensional existence. Ah, it’s all for you, all for love!

BIO: For almost 30 years, Hualani Janice Mark has served as a luminary and a spiritual guide who helps individuals surrender to their sacred work, while taking a stand for their highest purpose and amplifying embodied love on the planet. She counsels people who are ready to claim their brilliance and explore evolutionary relationships or who may be experiencing an overwhelming transformation in living and embodying spiritual awakening.

*Teacher, Mystic, Writer