The Evolution of the Ego

 ‘Still Standing’ by Tommy Ingberg.

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor

The Soul knows this is possible

According to recorded history, Ego driven people have always governed the world, motivated by the belief that their ideas and cultures were superior and from a desire for more and more power and wealth. Colonization became the way to spread their beliefs.  In the Western world it began with Roman invasions here and there, then Alexander the Great in 334 BC created the largest empire in the ancient world extending from Greece to northwest India. Superseded by the relentless expansion of the Roman Empire which extended as far as Northern Africa and lasted for about 1000 years with power and influence unmatched. Instigating new standards of hygiene, plumbing, architecture, and intellectual ideas that have endured. ‘Patriarchy’ summarizes that intellectual influence prevailing to this day.

The most recent colonial power Britain was itself invaded time after time from the 1st century onwards with much raping and pillaging. After the Romans came invasions from German tribes, Saxons, Angles and Jutes into the British Isles which continued up to the 7th century, then warrior cultures like the Vikings in the 8th century. And full cultural suppression came with the Norman invasion in 11th century under William the Conqueror. The language was changed such that 30% of modern English is derived from French.

Colonization continued throughout the centuries with different countries expanding their geographical reach.  The Mongols led by Genghis Kahn controlled all Asia including Northern India and the silk road trading route for nearly 200 years. The Spanish and Portuguese expanded to South America and Africa in the 15th century.  The French and the Netherlands to the Far East in the 16th centuries. Followed by the British colonization of North America and Asia in the 17th , eventually becoming the largest empire in history. Declined to virtually nothing after the 2nd world war; bailed out of bankruptcy by the US … But remains in modern times the emblem of colonization. And many anti colonial movements target Britain specifically. Yet now the more subtle colonial power is the USA.

This patch work glimpse of history illustrates the extreme relentless human ego driven power to dominate. The imposition of one culture over another has a span of more than three thousand years. In every case it was about Centralizing Financial Power and Influence and the Suppression of people.

Here we are with more of the same in the 21st century with different ways of centralizing power and influence. No longer warships, instead it’s digital guns that can wipe out an individual or dissenting group at the blink of a mouse!!  A disheartening lack of change, yet under the surface there is an evolutionary impulse of Consciousness pressing for a radically different world where individual rights and the rights of our planet matter.

Stepping Back to the Bigger Picture

How did this begin? Is this something we can change? Do We have any power and influence?

Looking to Eastern philosophy a central idea is that we are all part of One Consciousness and now quantum physics supports this:  Individual thoughts entangle with everything in the quantum field and influence change, albeit in a jumbled way. There is potential to become more influential if we get more unification and clarity of shared intention.

One empowering idea is to see this existence like a Hologram, or like a Video Game

An Eastern philosophy, Kashmir Shaivism, suggests we have the power to step outside and change things…. In the 11th century a brilliant sage and scholar, Abhinavagupta, proposed a model of creation described in tantric scriptures as the ‘Tattvas of Creation’. Starts with the premise that we are part of One Consciousness and how the game of life is to realize this, sometimes known as ‘The Play of Consciousness.’

 In the Rig Veda, an ancient Indian scripture, Supreme Consciousness is alone and says.

“I am alone. Let me be many” And creation emerged from that intention

A modern interpretation is that we are operating in an illusory reality, like a very sophisticated video game, where we can influence everything if only, we knew the rules! It’s a game of concealment and revelation.

‘Realization’ is the name of the game

The construct of the game is very detailed, involving obscurations. We are individuals with complete freedom to explore and create our own life and potentially realize we are part of One Consciousness.

However, the game is set up with no immediate understanding of our interconnection. We arrive in a state of forgetfulness, feeling separate and alone with an emotional hole we try to fill with outside pleasures to avoid the pain of aloneness that can become addictions.  It’s a very tough game especially as the way to play successfully is to find our remembrance hidden deep inside ourselves, only discovered by following a deep subtle inner yearning to connect. Mercilessly thousands and years and many incarnations can go by believing we are separate and alone.

Let’s look at what the sages suggested as the process of creating physical reality and enjoyment and yet staying connected to our Source.

The Game Structure: The Tattvas of Creation: The Levels of Creation

One Supreme Consciousness. Intends “Let me be many”

Creation flows from here

The first 5 levels, describe the innate attributes of Consciousness

Shiva and Shakti. Male and Female equal to each other

Shiva, the Masculine The Witness. A constant presence Observing everything. Omnipresent

 Shakti, the Feminine The Creative energy. Flowing through all manifestation. Grace bestowing.

The powers of creation:




These aspects of Supreme Consciousness are in all of us. The point of the game is to realize we have this power.

The First Challenge: Is to work through the Cloaking of Consciousness which creates the illusion of being separate and alone.

Maya, the Illusion of separation and the 5 veils

(These are constructs of the game not necessarily true!)

  • The construct of Linear time. Sense of sequential time. Not the timeless state we sometimes experience, ‘time just flew’ or ‘time stood still’.
  • The construct of Limitation of space and events… Ignorance of multidimensional reality and interconnection with all things. However, many have had experiences of other realities some have even been transported to other realms under drugs. What is reality? Is the real question.
  •  Contracted sense of power & abilities. A sense of ‘less than’ accentuates this; important to avoid people places and things that leave us feeling that way; instead affirm our abilities.
  • Contracted sense of knowledge, inclination to believe outward information rather than mining for inner wisdom. Many are questioning the media now with Government controls widening, and relying more on what feels right inside. There is much wisdom inside ourselves.
  • Reduced belief in Will Power, often feel overwhelmed, unworthy. Leads to addiction of varied kinds until we can find our inner power again. Read on!

At the heart of the game is our winning player; Our Soul. Our inner essence can guide us on our journey to Realization–If we tune in using the 3 mental tools we have to create:

Two thinking tools and a Video tool to create our life.

  1. Buddhi: Our Higher Self. Holds the sense of our higher connection, our ability to be detached, and thinks about situations from a Witness perspective.
  2. The Ego, Our Individuation. Thinks from the perspective of our Individual identity, strongly influenced by subconscious conditioning.

                  (These two thinking perspectives often have conversations in our heads!!!).

  1. Manas: The Mind. Creates our reality from prevailing thoughts. Thoughts of Buddha understanding, Ego understanding come and go like on a movie screen until we make up our minds. In many cases the Ego dominates the Mind, focussed on limiting repetitive beliefs and stories. Often the same fear-based response to situations creates the same/similar reality over and over again. Our stories become our lives.

The disconnected Ego dominates our mind and therefore our life.

The Separation Story continues, and we feel empty inside

How to beak this Ego domination and feel the loving connection with our Source?

  • Starts with an intention for this experience to take place, understanding this happens when we focus on our hearts, the seat of the soul.
  • The Cosmos is with us as we enter the Age of Aquarius. A wider perspective is emerging with personal breakthroughs to deeper awareness of our individuality and connection with the whole. Empowering to collaborate with people who are feeling the same.
  • Consciously cut the morbid negative repetition and intend to follow our Higher Self thoughts, affirming those with constant repetition.
  • Align our Ego with our Higher Self which is in our heart. Forge a renewed link through Meditation, dissolving the illusion of separation. Takes a regular daily practice, even 10min will do.

Try this Heart Centered Oneness Meditation to align with your Higher Self.

Find Your Soul


If we consciously decide to align with our Higher Self connecting us to Supreme Consciousness, there is a new possibility of the supreme level of creative power of ‘I know’, ‘I will’,’ I act’. Miracles can occur. Desires for the good of all amplify the potential to change the world to a world of compassion and care and openness to new ideas.


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