Rhythms: The Lobbyist and the Neo Wave of Truth

Credit: Photo by Jene Stephaniuck

by LJ Frank

He’s distinguished and well-connected

so it’s alleged

he knew the greater the lie, the greater the reward

there was a joy to his world cloaked in fake news

denying you said, what you said moments before

words are meaningless in the Neo Wave of Truth,

some things are beside the point

as a bright young man fell to the storied office floor

he was merely collateral


all he had to do was request aide

but how does he ask

with a silver bullet logged in his chest?

the money keeps flowing,

The Lobbyist shrugs.


How does one learn to think for one self

in a dystopian world of post modern capitalism

where love is garnished in feel good rhythms

to assuage those who are mindful but unconnected

and the “ambassadors” and “leaders” of the plutocracy


for they will tell how and what to think

about the inner peace of being a true believer

while negotiating at their country club

and the private dining rooms of mischief

down the Street

with The Lobbyist.


The powerful will mentor

stroking patriot pride

in historical symbols now tasteless

the core it seems is now missing in action

for there are gold linings in deep pockets

there’s never too much wealth for the wealthy

while the number of those misled and without

grows disproportionately

as does their credit and loans,

like a hollow tipped bullet lodged in their heart

but who do they seek for aide,

an inability to reconcile

plutocracy’s debt is adeptly cultivated

the journalist is paid off, the secrets kept

for the Lobbyist is just doing his job.