Rhythms: The misappropriation of titillate and other misdemeanors & felonies by LJ Frank

He was gazing at the long black smooth polished marble

made rough by too many names inscribed,

a war is a flood of tears amid the sacred joy of flagellation

wrapped in a tattered flag of promise

statues of combatants and names of generals,

intimate diplomacy requires a compassionate heart

but the fiery ball was looking to descend beyond the horizon

flames extended on a 24 hours news cycle,

and he shrugged and walked the distance and found himself

sitting on the stone steps leading up to a temple,

larger and taller offers greater security is a tale to behold

for the arc of long and thin may get you in

said a person of official standing

who sat down next to him placing in his hands a contract,

at the bottom a footnote in small letters discreetly suggested

short and thick often times does the trick.


The probes in the vast dark space are expenditures

of human curiosity

and may serve as remnants of humankind’s journey,

but, the power over another life beckons

with greater stimulation,

Is there no limit to fingering pawns with the title of soldier?

Fantasies of warlords seduced

by phallic shaped metallic devices of intrusion,

once inserted within

greeted by the bodyscape of pink and red desire.


He knew from experience the effects of human wishes,

the dead body lying by the roadside emaciated

with a shriveled baby nursing on a dried tit

dirt encrusted roots protruding from the mother’s mouth

while the vulture of greed looked on with ravenous eyes

beak open from a city too close by,

past human understanding

the possibilities to remedy are still endless

under a dusty blue sky.


Equality and health do not exist on the field of competition

people are unequal in capability and opportunity

the participants merge into marketed intelligence

and the naked body and mind arrives within context

content consists of many flavors or not,

the true believer’s delight is found in their audience

of a satiric three act comedy in search of a belly laugh.