The Politics of Treachery: an Indictment of Creation itself

Book Burning. Public Domain.

by LJ Frank

What is evil? How shall we define it?

How much sabotage of the human conscience must a person or country endure before they admit to that which is evil? How is it that a convicted criminal with an unabashed promise to be a dictator on day one is selected as a political party’s nominee?  Regardless of the nominee, how is it that the human conscience can design a strategy to end that which honors that conscience, even with its political imperfections, such as a democracy? The issue is existential and global.

I have lived and worked in the State of New York and New York City off and on since the 1960s. The con artist is a familiar face and icon though certainly not singular to that city’s politics……… but in New York City the con has had a chameleon like niche of which the 45th president and real estate business are intimate. That history is prefatory to events of today. One can get caught up on a stage of Faustian proportions but the air is too thick to discern the reality. The lure of money, power and selling of the soul to enhance one’s ego is too great.  Names like Trump and Giuliani are merely the most visible. The layers are deep as is self-deception. The Heritage Foundation Strategy in the USA is a perilous path.

The Heritage Foundation, and the Federalist Society have devised a dangerous Faustian pact. The pact is with the Mephistopheles of materialism and power. Part of its innocuous and hypocritical title is Project 25. Its scope is vast with a dictatorship and a unitary form of government at its core. Such pacts are made mostly with the blood of innocents. And blood will be shed. The Founding Fathers were there once in the 18th century. It was the American Revolution. Today a second revolution is sought by the Far Right.

Dictators are authoritarians and predators. Dictatorships have never been a healthy strategy in resolving fundamental human inequality, injustice, and the core problem of evil. All dictatorships throughout history have led to inhumane horrors, cruelty beyond measure, deception and the decay of morality while revealing human evil.

Susan Neiman, moral philosopher, points out in her work Evil in Modern Thought ~evil is not merely the opposition of good but inimical to it. True evil aims at destroying moral distinctions themselves. One way is to make victims accomplices……….  Neiman further describes historian, philosopher Hannah Arendt’s reporting on the Adolf Eichmann trial concerning Auschwitz:

“For Arendt, neither German war crimes alone nor possible Jewish complicity in them was on trial. What was under indictment was Creation itself.” 

It’s important to acknowledge the role of Christian nationalism in our current authoritarian movements–not just in the U.S. but Hungary, Russia, and other parts of the globe. Christian nationalism looks at liberals and think liberals are the evil ones. Demonization is rampant. Some of this demonization is whipped up by preachers, some by GOP politicians, some by right-wing media, some by social media–especially X, the home of QAnon conspiracy theorizing. If you think the liberals are child-kidnappers, rapists, and cannibals–a generalization of the antisemitic blood libel to all liberals–you’ll support authoritarians, even if you know they are corrupt, shameless sinners. Same if you think the liberals are conspiring to replace white people with immigrants, or to confiscate all your property, or to spread crime in your neighborhoods, or send Antifa to burn down your house. Human conscience is blinded………. Then it’s too late.

Alternative reality and alternative truths have yet to reach their peak in the world. If reality is not based on the facts what happens to the mind’s compass? What happens to ethics and trust?  Do we agree with only that which affirms our beliefs even when that affirmation stretches the truth into a shapeless mass to be molded by whom and what?

Life is precarious. It’s made more so with those who have all the answers for us. Our life is in peril in North America and around the world wherever there is authoritarianism and oligarchy, wherever there are those who believe democracy and liberals are the enemy.  The enemy of democracy is “the wolf of tyranny” as Thomas Jefferson noted.

People have natural rights as Thomas Paine wrote in the Rights of Man. And further in his Age of Reason……… it’s necessary for the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or disbelieving: it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.

Fear and hate have always been useful political tools in provoking the crowds throughout history. 

Representative democracy is beholding to special interests and gerrymandered by wealth and oligarchal thinking and action. We are confronted with that which becomes a necessary response – direct democracy where all citizen votes count and the Electoral College is eliminated……… and where the Supreme Court is reconstituted, expanded, with term limits. The ancient Greeks understood this as did others during the French Revolution and the writings of the ant-Federalists papers in colonial America.

What is advocated by the Federalist Society, Heritage Foundation and Project 25 is a treachery against the human conscience. The “bought and paid for” politicians have sold their souls, while holding a Bible and other human designed sacred works in their hands. 

Have not people of reason and compassion had enough of false messiahs…….  Mark 13:22, False Christs and false prophets will arise and show signs and wonders and lead astray……… politics and government in their best state are a necessary evil, but in its worse state, as in monarchy, it is, intolerable.

The citizenry of the United States is witness to our severely wounded democracy that is bleeding.

Project 25 calls for a unitary form of government (monarchal/dictatorship) and redefining the current three branches of government. The effect of this is the death of democracy. The tip of the iceberg is a total ban on abortion, criminalization of any speech that questions authority, book burning, dismantling the department of education, creating detention camps, deportation, elimination of elections……… ad infinitum.  

The Unites States and the world are in peril. The world is approaching the edge of a cliff and the Faustian pact looms over the human conscience where those in authority do not apply the same rules to themselves that they apply to those who empowered them through voting– the citizens.

Is not Project 25 the script whereby the people become both the prisoners and the guards of a prison they voted to create? Is not that an indictment of Creation itself?