The Psychiatrist’s Colleague: A Sacred Alignment, Part 2

Op. 1 LJ Frank, Artist

by LJ Frank

……. the human mind through the lens of the eyes can see things that actually exist…… in the blur of an ambiguous moment through the same lens the mind can see things that do not actually exist – Metaphors of Reality, LJ Frank

The interior garden of the house where the woman led the psychiatrist’s colleague was designed with flooring of flat, irregular size polished stones. The garden area included both the entrance to the front entry and a separate arched hallway leading to other parts of the house.  An expansive skylight allowed for natural lighting. They sat on cushioned wicker furniture across from each other and amid large potted plants.  Abstract paintings hung on three of the walls and an exotic four-foot piece of sculpture sat on a pedestal.

After receiving refreshments from a servant, she relayed to him what happened that night when he found himself in an empty bed. She could not translate the hallucination of seeing a skeleton but thought it might be the ambiguous nature of both the woman that sat before him and that of being his wife. She revealed to him that she was an evolving reincarnation of the spirit of the pharaoh from the Eighteenth Dynasty, Hatshepsut. 

The more he gazed at her the more he realized how physically different she was from the woman he thought he had married assuming this woman and his wife were one and the same. Her skin was a deeper olive tan complexion, than when first encountering her.  Artificial and natural lighting he surmised was the difference. Her almond shaped eyes and long raven hair accentuated her distinct and stunning presence.

She smiled at his questioning face and then spoke of fleeting images in the mind, the mirror like quality of the universe and our consciousness, embedded in each individual cell of our body. It would be easy to have a hallucination and simultaneously question reality. She observed that knowledge gathered in increments serves the appetite of curiosity and the desire to know the truth of any given matter. One must be careful about what is actual and that which is perceived as actual. We tend to succumb to the blurring of what we see whether true or false when repetitive.

And what shall I think of you and this situation, he asked.

She smiled again in understanding and told him she would be his guide.

The colleague listened intently as she spoke, questioning whether everything occurring to him was a dream or whether this woman cast some sort of spell on him. The idea seemed rather trite and the musings one might find among believers in sorcery. He was not one of them, yet there he sat with a woman who might be his wife, but uncertainty crept into his mind. He recognized her eyes but it was if she had shape shifted into another body. Still the similarities appeared to affect his senses.

It was then she rose from her chair and asked him to stand……she then embraced him. The intimacy of her thick lips pressed against his felt familiar. It must be her. The minute disappeared into a sense of the timeless.

You’re her, his mind said.

I am, she seemed to imply.

It’s all feels surreal he seemed to say.

And as if further reading his mind she offered the idea of tasting and to feeling……I ask you to be open to all my requests. I will then explain as we proceed what has and is occurring. Some things we experience take a lifetime to digest and affirm and wish we had known at an earlier moment and other experiences we find ourselves acknowledging as to what took me so long, in the brevity of a minute. That I recognized in the immediacy of the minute I met you. It was neither romantic or otherwise…it just was awareness of you and me. For I am not a full reincarnation but am in the process of assimilation once I recognized who and what I was, I vanished that night, not of my own accord.

The colleague nodded as if understanding but not. It was as if his wife was unfolding anew before his eyes. If only he could make sense of it all.

Think of it as karma that brought us together, she said to him.

She took his hand and led him into a bedroom, with an adjacent veranda, surrounded by a low white stone wall. In the distance of about one hundred meters was the Pacific Ocean.  She turned to him and removed his clothes so that he was naked before her.  She then undressed and led him back to the bed. Everything was returning. His memory of the woman he married. She was laying in his arms. He could feel her and his body tremble and then sigh in relief. He closed his eyes.

Ah! It was her voice.

His eyes opened. What was it? He starred at the ceiling fan slowly turning counterclockwise. It was the middle of the night. His chest heaved in and out as if trying to catch his breath. Where was he? He was sweating.  He could feel a light breeze blowing in from the ocean through the open French doors to the veranda. A temple bell could be heard. He looked around the room. The white walls now in a darkened hue of night, abstract paintings, on the walls, the king-sized bed he was lying in, a nearby dresser, and just him, naked. He looked over towards his wife. She had vanished. Not again. There was no hallucination of a skeleton this time. Where was she?

Déjà vu? How does one explain?

Ah! Her voice came from outside.

He stumbled out of the bed and walked to the veranda. She was standing at one end next to the stone wall with her back towards him. She was wearing a transparent robe. He could see the outline of her nakedness with the light of a full moon embracing her. There was human figure in front of her or was there?  She then raised her hands and the human like figure vanished. Did the person jump over the stone wall onto the beach below? He noticed a bird fly from the palm of her hands and appeared to follow the shoreline until it could no longer be seen. Who was this woman?

Without turning she asked him, what do you think you witnessed?

I don’t know what I witnessed with any certainty.

She turned and approached him. That’s the first step. Let’s return to bed.

His mind repeated the same question. Who is this woman …… that I am so beguiled by?

He fell asleep. He could feel hands touching his chest and them massage his entire body. He opened his eyes and was staring at a ceiling fan. It seemed different. His skin was wet.

Do you know where you are, he heard a woman’s voice ask. He looked over to see the back of a woman. She was tall with long raven hair, wearimg a white uniform like dress, and toeless sandals.

Where am I? He asked.

She turned and looked at him. You were in a mountain hiking accident a couple weeks ago; a local psychiatrist and I were hiking and came across your body. I called a rescue team that brought you here. A pretty nasty bump on your head and a spider bite or two on your body. You have been coming in and out of a fever. Things are much brighter for you now. As a medical doctor the psychiatrist also stopped by a couple times. He was concerned.

The man explained some of the things that had happened to him and the nurse acted as if she knew everything about him.

This doesn’t feel like a hospital room, he said,

It isn’t. It’s my home. I’m a former nurse and the psychiatrist was a colleague of mine. The mountain accident occurred nearby. I had the means to invite another medical doctor to stop by. We were going to transfer you to the hospital but neither of us felt it wasn’t severe enough to require a hospital stay that might cause more problems than necessary, infections, that sort of thing. I had all the appropriate resources here at my house. How convenient is that? She asked playfully.

He agreed as he looked at the abstract paintings on the wall and towards the French doors leading to the veranda. He noticed a tall Egyptian statute in the corner of the room.

The woman noticed him looking at the sculptured work and said that’s a modern abstract version of Hatshepsut, a pharaoh from the Eighteenth Dynasty. It’s also my nickname.

He looked at her and felt his body tremble.

Once you feel better, I will show you around the house and give you some insights into what we might both be seeking. I think it would be wise for you stay awhile until you are ready to travel. I feel a sense of responsibility and perhaps ownership…she winked at him.

He looked into her almond shaped eyes, her olive tan skin tone, thick lips and took a deep breath.

She leaned over the bed, kissed him and said…… we have time.