The Psychiatrist’s Colleague:  A Sacred Alignment 

The Muse. LJ Frank, Artist


by LJ Frank

Nescience (etymologically, and philosophically is the unknowable). The lack of knowledge…… it implies ignorance of and or leading to the distortion of factual information and may include the denial of the reality itself or a misinterpretation of that reality.

 There was a knock at the door. A voice inside seemed to mumble in the affirmative. The assistant opened the door, nodded at the doctor who was sitting in a wingback chair near a range of bookshelves. The nine-foot-high shelving unit stretched across a long wall and stacked with professional literature, along with volumes in theology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and assorted existential fiction works. The books appeared to be in no particular order but that order was completely understood by the doctor.  

He’s here and wearing his hiking boots and nibbling on a packet of seeds.

The doctor smiled. Ask him to come in.

The colleague walked in and the doctor greeted him and motioned to the other wing back chair. How was your week of hiking?

Passionate bewilderment.


I got married to an exotic stranger at a temple atop a small mountain, he blurted.        

Remarkable, especially given your pragmatism.

She intimated that she was a truth seeker. Curiously she sought metaphors of the sacred from ancient tribes to modern societies. She has one of the first minted dollar coins with the motto In God We Trust inscribed on it. I think she said the motto was a morale booster for the Union during the US Civil War.  

I see.

Her metaphor searching led her to travel to different places, spend countless hours in libraries, museums, and visiting historical sites and studying cultures from around the world. She mentioned her concern in how we use the term God and pronouncing something sacred for political and propaganda rationale. And then she said, there are the purely authentic reasons that tend to be quite enigmatic and for which the metaphor is shrouded in history. I told her I wasn’t into politics and religion.

She looked into my eyes and it was as if I in turn recognized a person that I had met in a previous lifetime if you believe in that sort of thing.

Interesting, all things considered.

We were physically and emotionally attracted to each other. The attraction was immediate. Her aura emitted an energy that drew me to her.

Where did you meet her?

In California, near Santa Barbara. We were both hiking up to a mountain temple in which we would later in the week get married.

My congratulations to you and your wife.

Before you congratulate me, I need to explain the potential situation I find myself in.

The doctor nodded, knowing that this moment would arrive.

I’ll try to make sense of the story. I’m still unraveling it my head. I admit to my spiritual and religious peregrinations. I grew up attending an Episcopal church, then switched to a non-denominational Protestant church, Unitarian, then Lutheran under the seduction of my then wife, later becoming a Buddhist during another marriage, and now I find myself immersed in the unknowable.

The unknowable?

Yeah. This past month I found myself with a passionate, other worldly wife who one night told me she was a reincarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh.


It is fascinating. She truly believed it in her voice that she was a reincarnation of the pharaoh Hatshepsut of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. The more she spoke the more I was mesmerized by her self-belief…… The colleague stopped and took a deep breath. A minute or so went by.


She was tall, raven-haired, with almond shaped eyes, a lovely figure, articulate with flourishes of words that I had seldom heard before in speech. I found her to be remarkable. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was awake with such an enchanting presence.

The doctor nodded.

We found an official that married us at the temple. I thought I had at last found the person I would spend the remainder of my life with, but then it happened.


One night after three weeks into our marriage we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I recall we kissed each other and she said something strange. He paused then continued…… I’ll wait for you.

I didn’t see anything and fell asleep. The next morning was awakened by the sun light dancing over the mountain top from the East. I looked over at her.   The colleague then said nothing.

Please continue, the doctor said.

There’s nothing to continue.

What do you mean?

I yelled. I suspect I woke up the couple in the next room. Lying next to me was a human skeleton.

My god.

It was then I heard a knock at the door, I got up and opened it, and a woman said she heard a scream and asked if everything was okay. I pointed to the skeleton but it was gone. I realized I must have been hallucinating and it was part of a bad dream. The woman entered the room and pointed to a note on a nearby dresser. She walked over to the dresser, picked it up and handed it to me.

The note read, My Dear Husband, I apologize for vanishing. Our flesh houses our vaporous soul Please know I will return, perhaps not in the form in which you married me but I will soon be there with you for our journey together. The note was signed, Hatshepsut.

Did anything else occur that day that would offer insight to what happened.

No. Nothing. Just the note. Her clothes were gone. Who was this woman? I was ready to worship her for the remainder of my life. I still have our marriage license…… so she did exist.

Have you reported her missing?

To the police? No. I only thought of visiting you and……


The day before she vanished, she spoke of a spiritual guru who was very wise and that I might find a need to visit the guru in the future. She text me the name and address and ask me to archive it on my phone. I did what she suggested.


What do you think I should do?

The doctor studied the colleague and then said……visit the guru. And then if you will, please let me know what you find.

The colleague thanked him and departed.

A few days later the colleague returned to California and paid a visit to the spiritual guru at the address given to him by his missing wife. There was a white stone house that looked like it belonged on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea located at the address. It was surrounded by wildflowers and evergreens, He knocked on the oak door and a tall woman in a cotton kaftan with a deep v revealing much of her breasts, greeted with a smile and invited him inside.

She led the way to an interior garden with seating. After sitting across from each other a youth entered the area with some refreshments.

The woman had long hair, and an olive tone to her skin, and there was something about her dark brown eyes that caused him to slightly tremble.

She gazed at him and simply said, I’ve been waiting for you……. to explain to you what has taken place in your now former life of which you can never return. Please know I’ll be your guide every step of the way.

His lips parted as if to speak. No words came forth.

She simply nodded.