The Rains & Winds of Ian: Paradise Stranded

Credit. Ashley Roper, Photographer, Cape Coral

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC. Contributing Editor


the sky was a dark, midnight blue

when the deluge came ashore

it sounded like airplanes overhead

the rains and winds of Ian arrived

a paradise stranded

barrier Islands were faux real estate

as wave after wave moved inland

a Jurassic swampland was revealed

on the northern edge we listened to the radio

what we were doing there

too late to ask

people scattered and started running

the storm engulfed the mainland,

they ran for cover, they ran to survive

we grabbed each other’s hands

and the winds howled and the rains screamed

shelter feels illusive when fear takes hold

we have to go, we have to find it, I told you,

even if it is temporary, we must go

the vastness of the storm was hard to comprehend

the debris left behind failed to explain

nature can distract

consciousness detoured

destruction is inevitable

the darkness chills the soul

we sought protection

while predators hid

you take my hand and draw me in,

 I feel your heartbeat, as you whisper in my ear

we will be okay.