The Shadow of Lhasa – a tale of reincarnation by LJ Frank

The Shadow of Lhasa: a tale of reincarnation by L J Frank

Copyright (c) 2014, Revised and Unabridged 2019. All Rights Reserved, Smashwords Edition.  Published in ebook formats at and at Barnes & Noble as a NOOK Book. ISBN: 9781311408204  Price: $4.95

In a passionate affair with her doctor Sienna Tiefwald (a transgender therapist), Lhasa Cremieux seeks to discover whether her reincarnation is artificial or natural. Lhasa is a CEO of a small firm that specializes in artificial reincarnation by ingesting a lozenge that affects the DNA of an individual. Is her existence the result of her own experiments or something more profound? Her quest is birthed through a disturbing, recurring vision while living and working in the City of Chicago.  The search is textured with deceptive encounters and ultimately leads to the steps of a temple in Tibet where she experiences a disquieting revelation.


The Shadow of Lhasa explores and examines reincarnation both natural and artificial.  The heroine, Lhasa Cremieux, is the CEO of a company that provides artificial reincarnation to anyone who can pay for her services.  This intricately written story follows her in her sometimes precarious search for her own past and history as well as her current relationships.  She finds help along the way, especially from her transgender therapist, Dr. Sienna Tiefwald.

Mr. Frank has no fear of touching on various social issues including sexual orientation, religious morals,  and government  intrusion.  His writing begs the reader to be a participant in his story rather than just a voyeur.  The colors and hues and other visuals from Lhasa’s travels from Chicago to Tibet as she looks for her true identify are stunning.

If you haven’t  thought about reincarnation, this book will likely encourage  you to study it further. I look forward to reading more works by this insightful and thoughtful wordsmith.

Gayle Lamar

“Erotic. Multilevel cosmic soup with philosophical soul. Osmosis for the human spirit. Envision this on screen. A glimpse of the not too distant future.”

Deborah Marie