The Sovereignty of Divine Love: Welcoming the Evolutionary Imperative

by Hualani Janice Mark*


Now, more than ever, a new wave of consciousness is arising on our planet. As humanity moves into higher evolutionary potentials, we are introduced to a quality of love we have never known before. It’s not the dutiful love we’ve experienced from a mother, father, child, or the romance of a lover – all of which tend to come with ancestral history and the experience of attachments and conditioning as we maneuver through these relationships as separate beings.

But within the new wave, we are now able to access a pure love that is sourced by the movement of creation itself, a love that is sourced from within us and between us. Love becomes the generative wellspring of existence that directs our conscious choices through many expressions of Divine Love. Here we await its knowing, its dignity, its aliveness and ecstatic duty of belonging. Divine Love comes with both a fierce challenge and a loving invitation, wanting to infuse the spirit of love into flesh and complete the space between us.

To make room for this new frequency of consciousness, we have to let go of our old confusing and outdated concepts of love. Once we do that, we can strive toward an offering and blessing of Divine Love, which is an overflowing love from within our being, a heart-centered embodiment. It reveals its presence in any situation, no matter what is going on around us, or whomever we’re with, including people we’ve just met because it reveals our shared wholeness.

Enjoying the Transformational Essence of Divine Love.

This whole new dimension of consciousness is the key to truly stepping into our innate wholeness with all that is around us. It is based on a higher love, a Divine Love, which stems from the virtues of unity, intimacy, compassion, faith, trust, resilience, and interconnectedness. The good news is that it’s yours! All you need to do is embrace it with full commitment, with unreserved surrender.

This Divine Love is magical in its giving and receiving. It animates us in every way. When you accept and embrace it, you will find a greater capacity of self-acceptance initiated inside yourself. You come to love yourself exactly as you are, walking in the world as love. Giving of this love dissolves any residual ignorance of self and of others. You find that offering love reminds you of who you truly are, of whom we all are. The more we are motivated by love, personally and collectively, the more courageous and fearless our choices become. In this way, Divine Love heals the space between us. It is the kind of love that wants to love full out!

To embrace Divine Love, you will be asked to shift away from the pull of your individual power, a stance which is so prevalent in our fractured world. Instead, Divine Love calls you to surrender to the transcendent power of love, which says goodbye to separation and the previous focus on individuality. In this midst of this shift, you will become united with others in a collective awareness, experiencing divinity and embodied shared unity. Life begins to blossom in its own grace. An arising wisdom is revealed that is born of this new form of love, and it is an exciting new way of living in the world.

How Divine Love Becomes Evolutionary Love.

The day is coming when you finally stop looking for love elsewhere – in outdated dogma, theories, concepts, and systems! Instead, you tap into the miracle of your own breathing body and the intimate, subtle ways that Evolutionary Love has been trying to guide you from within. Love has nothing to prove, or measure, or compare. It simply just loves. It is transparent as it lives within us and between us. It becomes the expression of the eternal present and the evolutionary impulse that is moving us toward the absolute divinization of all existence.

The love that lives within you is an infinite love that began long before you drew your first breath. You are the one drop of a unique expression in a vast ocean of love, and you are also that ocean. Your life is a continuation of all this pure love that has been passed on to you since your soul burst forth from Creation. This love that you are is also much more than you – it represents the omnipresent wholeness that has made love possible.

Each time we love, each time we practice being more loving, returning to love, allowing love to open a constrictive state we’ve fallen into, we become reconnected again and again to wholeness. We join a vast sea of eternal love and all the love that has come before us. All love lives on through us from within us. Take a moment and feel the love that your ancestors have passed on to you. Just imagine the love that Creation invested into the manifestation of you!

When you make the shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ in your perception, you will begin to see beloveds everywhere, within all existence and all experiences. This viewpoint is profound, even in the most challenging moments, because it softens the hard edges of egoic agendas and alters the choices we make in our life.

The Evolutionary Imperative is Powered by Love.

It is critical that we begin to learn new ways of relating to each other, to nature, and to our world. As we begin to pay attention to the space between us and what can be birthed through a heightened creativity, we will cross the divide of separation into wholeness. We will witness new potentials within each other and attain a new quality of consciousness that can only be shared with others.

Divine Love is an untethered force that activates the Light of our authenticity and ecstatic embodiment. It is the central power through which a beautiful future can be realized. All you need to do is acknowledge that you’re an emanation of Love and that you embody love, while still accepting that you are also part of an integral whole.

Perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to experience some relationships in your life that are organized around a commitment to growing and evolving together and you’ve already experienced the joy of creating something larger and more meaningful than either person’s individual needs. In fact, you may already feel that you have some greater destiny with each other! If so, you are already on your way, because you know there’s a totally different level of dedication and interaction that can transform both your life, and the lives of those around you.

This is what I call Evolutionary Love. It’s a higher order of relating that activates and supports our highest potentials, bringing us into a more expanded state of consciousness, while at the same time, contributing to the greatest good of humanity and the planet. Evolutionary relationships dissolve the separation between us, allowing us to access a unified field where together we may channel cosmic creativity and contribute new gifts to the world.


Evolutionary Love is Wholeness in Motion.

Another aspect of Evolutionary Love is that it’s perpetually creative. It welcomes you into an ever-expanding experience of Love that perpetuates a higher order of human relatedness. A longing wakes up inside you, calling you into the depths of your pure human potential. The inner voice you sense is that of evolution speaking through you, calling you to show up in new ways for a new world. This longing to belong is Divine and you are safe to surrender to it. It is a heavenly evolutionary impulse that pulls you deeper into the nuances of life.

As with many expansive ideas, sometimes they are easier to understand when you can access a concrete example in real life. Here’s just one such experience that I will never forget. It was a time and place where a group of people experienced a synergy, a sympathetic resonance, and an entrainment of our collective hearts, an intimate experience of Divine Love and a glimpse of Evolutionary Love in motion.

It was the summer of 2002, and I was facilitating a transformational women’s group. We were sitting in circle together, acknowledging the power of this sacred geometry, softening into our own bodies, and surrendering into what was emerging between us at the center of the circle. During this embodiment practice, a presence began to build at the center and move about the circle – a wave of love that was filling the room and transporting us into a unified experience.

We felt loved by each other in one complete whole even though we didn’t know each other very well. We were embraced by a powerful, yet loving force that felt like we were being cellularly transfigured. It dissolved crystallized structures of our individual embodiment and we melted into a creative matrix of evolutionary change.

This was a deeply loving invitation that we all felt together. In the freshness of such a magical moment, we knew that a new wave of consciousness was present, and we were its consorts, synchronizing the embodiment of Love in partnership with Mother Earth. We each felt fully received by each person present in the circle, deeply held in a womb space of safety and deep nourishment.

As we begin to experience shared bliss like this in our own lives, we can clearly see and feel that Love evolves! As with every aspect of existence, evolution has the power to bestow new potentials beyond anything we as human beings can create or imagine on our own, particularly in a disenchanted culture. With a new focus and awareness, we have to capacity to one day live in a world where the depth of connection and the reality of shared unity will be felt for longer than just a few days within a spiritual retreat. It will become the way we know each other. Pure love is becoming the inescapable fabric of existence.

Getting Started on Your Own Evolutionary Adventure

While all this sounds wonderful, just be warned: Evolutionary Love is the ultimate renegade! It won’t adhere to any rules. The most we can do is to commit to being its accomplice. Here’s to all of you, to all of us, the courageous rebels who are planting seeds of a world rooted in pure love. You are made of this Love!

When you resonate with this deep inner fulfillment and love, when it’s not conditioned by anyone outside of you, all your relationships will begin to reflect to you this same level of love and life enrichment. Your love will become a catalyst to help other people to expand from their confined spaces, a truly miraculous experience.

It all starts by reclaiming your seat right here in the world, so you ensure that your everyday life is the holy ground of embodied love. Discover the unity that your heart longs for. It is a place where the formless pours into form, and love becoming fully integrated into your daily life. Divine Love is the portal to mystical awareness that inhabits you with every breath.

To radiate out and effect a paradigm shift in humanity, you don’t need an audience, a platform, or a social media account, not when you’re in alignment and walking as pure love. Declare out loud: “I am Love, I choose Love, I speak Love, I share Love, and so it is!” When you do, the vibration of this declaration ripples out and touches the hearts of the world in unmeasurable ways. It calls the universe to meet you in profound opportunities. It breaks you open and, in your openness, Divine Love rushes in.

The voice of love sings joyfully through you, a voice that has been silenced over the centuries through your ancestral lineages. As an Emissary of Love, simply by being in the presence of other’s, you help everyone around you tune into their own remembrance of love. Each day is another day to love again.

As you boldly step forward steeped in Evolutionary Love, you find that you do not fall in love, but you rise in love. The time has come to affirm what your heart is seeking – what it is longing for – what it is ready for. Do you feel the mystery calling your name? What if the landscape of your everyday existence turns out to be holy ground?

What would change if you met the world with a courageous loving gaze? Everything!


BIO: For almost 30 years, Hualani Janice Mark has served as a luminary and a spiritual guide who helps individuals surrender to their sacred work, while taking a stand for their highest purpose and amplifying embodied love on the planet. She counsels people who are ready to claim their brilliance and explore evolutionary relationships or who may be experiencing an overwhelming transformation in living and embodying spiritual awakening.


*Teacher, Mystic, Writer