Tis the Season…

Sue_ Credit. Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, Photographer

by Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC, Contributing Editor



Cyclical, seasonal ……….phases of the moon an artist of sorcery brings

together feelings

 expressive communication in complete silence

And in the silence there is power

It can knit together love and kindness

I have come to learn to recognize it

And I wonder if you feel that

When I am lost in emotions

Tune in.

Because I remain in silence

I am colors and patterns

you hold the brush

I beckon you to speak

To break the silence

Your strokes are vibrant and bold

among others

And as my silence begins to dissipate

Some of my most painful memories seep in

Like tea, matcha, brilliant in colors

I learn to sit with this discomfort

and listen to the sounds of the singing bowls

Beautiful, ethereal, and magical

Tis the season, the season of the witch

Turn on

For her magic is fierce, providing comfort in her spell

And ancient, light, filling in the space I hold sacred

Did you know about her?  She,

who is filled with so much enchantment?

She calls out to you, her voice is soft and


You question her intentions that

come from

a place of ancient forests

Brilliant greens, vivid colors that too,

hold space

Beautiful, yet you step back to lift your

gaze in wonder

 and you question the science of ayurveda,

 the blueprint of life that is approximately 5,000 yrs old

In amazement you study the philosophy,

you research the three components,

the ahar, the vibar and the dinacharya  

Drop Out

And so we live to choose how we will guide ourselves,

within ourselves, and with others

We choose what to do

We set our intentions,

 our interactions with other celestial beings

whose art is displayed throughout the world

Captivating, to say the least

Connect with her, she is nature, and we are a part of her

And our choices will lead us

to our interactions with other sentient beings,

both human and non-human 

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder,

in the lens of the camera,

in the stroke of her wand……….

Tis the season…….of the witch

Hold space for her……….