To Sin in Athens: Between Assignments

Credit. Poet and Muse. Nikos-Engonopoulos-1907-1985, Artist.

by Andrea Brandt

athens International Airport (AIA). It’s early Saturday afternoon.

The Kng of England was already crowned in a ceremony rooted in a bygone era.


Every country has its pomp & circumstance and the atmospherics of celebrityhood

Whereas this journalist is sitting in the waiting area of the airport on her way to an appointment. The afternoon will begin to fade. A taxi will take me to my next place.

Witness. The masses of people in the world have little. They struggle. They love. They eat. They sing. They bleed. They pray.  If they are lucky, they have a warm, cozy bed to sleep in and a warm body to lie next to and share their troubles, laughter, tears, and hearts.

Much of those masses appear to be abused through the economic violence of the political policies devised by their leaders who, at any given time, appear to be swimming in polluted waters that are well above their heads.  

Bloodshed. It’s the common lot of too many who go to bed hungry. Some are fortunate if they die in their sleep. I think of all the blood spilled on the ground that I have witnessed. Nausea. I loathe the man or woman with a gluttonous appetite for oppression and stifling other’s basic needs. They ignore their own need for self-discipline. Where is the compassionate?

People move. Immigration patterns change. The want of a breath for the sake of living one more day disturbs the day and more so the night. Life is harsh for most people. The celebrities smile. They have the audacity to ask us to be happy for them. The celebrities are more fucked than those without.

An old woman’s view perceives that God was an earthy poet and muse. And I must ask if  God is so worried about humankind why wait millions of years of evolution? Why wait so long to bring a human prophet into the world? Es macht keinen Sinn. It make no sense. It’s not divine acts that are at work in history. It’s man’s words and actions sullied by impatience, pride and rationale to empower himself. I pray but not sure to whom I am praying.

So, I am patient in body and mind and, I sin with glee while I have the strength to be human and a woman.