WE have the Power!

Credit. Photo by Jessica Zoob

by Hilary Bowring, Contributing Editor



Despite the deepening chaos in the world can you imagine that such chaos can precede a better way for humanity to flourish that you can influence? Sometimes the breakdown of the old is necessary for new culture of care to arise. Now is the time to courageously open up as our true Selves and make a difference as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The great shift from top down control to more collaboration and connection with each other. A time to embody our individual power and embrace our power to affect  what happens, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

A time to be in community and Create a new world together.

Yet we are conditioned to feel powerless.

Our culture is based on a competitive model, Darwinian survival of the fittest, we’re encouraged to focus on personal success, not collaborative success. And if we were not the top of the class or leader in sports we felt less than, at worst powerless failures. Most of us have developed a protective personality to fit in to avoid rejection and to be safe. The contracted ego version of ourselves is sustained by subconscious beliefs and fears fuelled by the media supporting the cultural values of Them vs Us. The pressure is to kowtow. “Be safe”

However science now shows that we are vibrational beings affected by higher and lower frequencies, with fluidity to grow depending on what we tune in to. Our power comes from revealing the unique frequency we were born with and we can get re-tuned to our essential frequency that contributes to the way humanity goes forward.

The role of Media

This is a big topic under discussion right now. How much are we influenced by the media? Most people have little time to engage beyond headlines and mainly remain in trust with mainstream media sources and follow that narrative. However for those who do question, currently governments are finding ways to protect us from ‘misinformation’ shared on social media. Problem with any control is who’s to say what’s true. Governments are going to determine that and we must be protected from anything challenging what they say. I prefer freedom of speech in the belief that the average person has intelligence and the ability to critically think.

However our critical thinking can be secondary as we are wired to conform to feel safe, and we screen out new ideas that might actually be for our benefit.

Our brain is wired to be safe at all costs.

There is network in our brain called the Default Mode Network (DMN) it is most active when we are in the ‘resting state’ apparently not doing anything but in fact much thinking is going on.. Development starts when we are babies, building associations that feel safe or unsafe. It is where we unconsciously assess situations and stimuli for safety through familiarity, an important part of our brain to help us navigate life. Generally the comfort zone is preferred. However it can become a trap when repetitive thoughts start circling round and round like negative loops, mulling over and over if something is right or wrong, safe or unsafe. Thinking about people who have hurt us…..feeling resentful, we can get stuck in a loop of beliefs & not open to new ideas, new frequencies. Stops us opening to aspects of ourselves suppressed by conditioning. Also includes a tendency to form relationships based on shared dislikes to ensure protection rather than those that inspire new outlooks. A tribal connection based on destructionrather than construction. We need to break the looping in order to align with our unique frequency at the highest octave. Give up being over critical, judging experiences as bad or good to ’just is’ can bring us more regularly to neutrality where we feel at ease. The ultimate idea of life is expand our ease with our interconnection with everything;  to be flexible and adaptable and open to new ideas. Become aware of as many frequencies possible! Experience some wonder and Awe too! Can require some risk taking!

We need to blow our minds!

There are several ways to override the DMN network. On a physical level do something to take our mind off it! Run, Jump, Dance to break the loop.  More permanent overrides, when practiced regularly, create new circuitry- Breath work, Meditation, Communing in nature; open our experience of something beyond our personal self, psilocybin and alcohol too.

Another conscious way is to intend to be more open to new ideas, intellectually realizing that discomfort is necessary for a new understanding, and for new neural pathways to be formed.

  • Allow the vibes to run

When a frequency enters our brain it is literally that until it goes into the DMN where we find associations and interpret the vibratory input. Takes practice to move to Feeling the vibration of something dissonant rather than Labelling. Letting the feeling run through our neural system over-rides the DMN, integrates a new frequency. Music and sound have been used for thousands of years to suspend the DMN to explore different states of consciousness. Here is some discordant music to practice with. Try to be curious and non judgmental and see how it feels. Try to experience discordant vibes without judgement! Not easy!

Discordant sound from J Beaulieu

 We do have Power to Influence. We are Crystalline Transmitters!

Here’s the new understanding-we are crystalline beings. Electron microscopes show that our bodies are crystalline -Bones are a crystalline lattice. Body fluid systems, blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid all have liquid crystalline qualities. Connective tissue is a crystalline web connecting everything in the body. There are crystalline micro tubules in the brain. Significance is that crystals are semi conductors designed to receive and transmit vibration. Hence their use in phones and other electronic equipment. This means we Transmit, Receive and Store energy.Our vibes transmit and affect others. Similarly lower vibes hold us in the same powerless state and higher vibrations can tune us back to our unique frequency. Any shaming, blaming energies stored through conditioning can be transmuted. Time to transform the lower frequencies held in our subconscious programming keeping us small and restricted. The lower negative frequencies are entrained by stronger more powerful vibrations. Synchronizing—like clocks do with one another. In a room of grandfather clocks, they adjust their oscillation to follow the strongest chimer. Entrainment is when the frequencies of one object cause the less powerful frequencies of another object to vibrate with it .Thus we can shed our conditioning by tuning into higher frequencies. Choose the station we listen to and the company we keep.

Quantum physics shows the Power of our vibes. Through our connection with the quantum field where we place our attention manifests. A Shift to attention and intention on solutions not problems will bear fruit. Lets focus on Love and Respect for ourselves and others and our planet. Marvellously, if enough of us live in Love and Respect for others, so it can be Globally. It is said 1% transmitting a higher vibration can affect total consciousness.Psychiatrist Dr. David R Hawkins created the Levels of Consciousness scale showing vibration level and impact. The scale moves exponentially from shame at the bottom at 20 to Enlightenment at the top 700+. Love is at 500. And one person vibrating as Love, affects750 thousand. Lower vibes are anger, shame, grief, pride, even the more neutral virtues like acceptance are lower than love. We’ve all been vibrating at lower levels through life experiences and suppression, the shift is consistently vibrating as Love

Love is indeed the answer!

  • Starts with each of us Loving ourselves and sending outwards. Easy to say but hard to do–here’s a meditation to help us love ourselves first.

Higher love Meditation

  • And Being Loving to others.

-Listening to their views without trying to convert to our own, each perception is valid. -Accept our differences and find ways to coexist with compromises. Aiming for Compassionate neutrality

-Apply the neutrality idea of not labelling the triggers pressed by others and getting steamed up, instead allow the energy to flow through like a wave to dissipation.

-And play some music that unites us all.

Try this one!

Halleluya Wauaqikuna