Wet Sunshine ~ a winter of ambivalence

Source. Pexels. Josh Hild, Photographer

By LJ Frank




The weather isn’t ambiguous. I feel the wind that has no feeling. Wet sunshine washes the vision of any given day. A collage of ambivalent thoughts and sensations are filtered through the human devised minute and hour.

In body and mind, I journey and trek for a living across the contextual terroir of the mind and the Earth’s geography. People live as best they can with the resources available to them or what they claw, scrape and manipulate together and call it a life.

The landscape constructed by humans is suffused with propaganda and the usual suspects associated with want, need, pleasure, vanity, and avarice. And propaganda is about revenue and bank accounts, familiar to those on the other side of the tinted glass.

Why is it that I never could eat just one piece of dark chocolate? I already know the answer.

Keep the common people’s brains busy competing with each other for something that may for much of the time only exist in their heads…for the physical inevitably disappears like a flash of lightning.

I was planning on sailing this winter across the Equator but things happen. Unplanned events and insufficient resources affect intent. As one ages rationalizations form a nucleus in the Mind’s Eye that in turn feeds to action or inaction.

Life is ubiquitous and unfair. Justice is too often related to wealth and who you know. And the kangaroo courts have always existed and there never was or is a Supreme Court – of that which is truly Just. But that should not inhibit trying… for the welfare of the soul.

The furrows in the mind like the chasms in politics are fertilized by whom and for what purpose? The rhetorical has its limits. 

The wish for harmony amid the volatility of evolving and built into the human cells is primordial. To smile. To love.  To feel. To taste. To become anxious and impatient. To believe in something or not. To survive this mortal coil. What is the loss and what is the gain? According to whom?

I find myself immersed in wet sunshine and a winter of ambivalence.