Writer in Exile: A Literary Memoir L J Frank

Copyright (C) 2023 by LJFrank, All Rights Reserved.

This is a literary memoir, that is, it’s a metaphoric and artistic interpretation of my life. I began writing this personal and thematic account while boat sitting in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. I was waiting for a woman, the Muse who possessed a key to unlock the chastity device of my mind and free my bounded thoughts, to explore things I had yet to consider.






Reviewed in Canada on September 16, 2023   Verified Purchase

Really interesting book, the author writes philosophically, guiding the reader to new edges of what is reality. With some fantastic eerie stories woven in from other eras—leading to a modern day mystery quest like a Treasure hunt for evidence of dangerous liaisons. I feel drawn to read it again and re-enter his worlds.



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