Guest Column: ZIKA – Are We So Willing To Sacrifice Our Children?

By Sue DeGregorio-Rosen, RN, CLNC

“The CDC and WHO are the Ministry of Fear. They use that emotion to front for pharmaceutical companies, who in turn sell vaccines and drugs.

“Be afraid. But don’t worry, we can help you and save you.”   Jon Rappaport……………..hmmmmm”

How very interesting……..Zika baby, sad, microcephalic………a mother at 31 weeks gestation leaves Honduras and comes to NJ to visit with relatives.  Her mother (the newborn’s grandmother) is allegedly a microbiologist that noticed a rash on her daughter’s body, drew blood from her pregnant daughter and sent the blood off to the CDC……….prior to leaving to visit relatives in the United States…NJ.  The pregnant woman, according to reports and the news, appeared at HUMC Emergency Department and was assessed.  Some time went by, and the pregnant mother was then brought in to have an emergency c-section, because this little unborn was in distress.   The notably excellent team of nurses and physicians delivered a baby with microcephaly.


“N.J. lab now has emergency test lab for Zika virus

1 / 9The mosquito is a vector for the proliferation of the Zika virus currently spreading throughout Latin America. The main type isn’t native to the United States – but an invasive species, the Asian Tiger mosquito, is. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)Kathleen O’Brien | NJ Advance Media for NJ.comPrintEmail By Kathleen O’Brien | NJ Advance Media for 

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on May 24, 2016 at 8:00 AM, updated June 01, 2016 at 9:01 AM

New Jersey now has an in-state laboratory capable of testing medical specimens for the presence of the Zika virus, state health officials announced Monday.

The lab, located on the grounds of the State Police headquarters in West Trenton, began testing samples last week, according to the N.J. Department of Health.

“The ability to test residents for Zika and similar viruses will further enhance New Jersey’s preparedness and response to this evolving health emergency unfolding in the Caribbean and Central and South Americas,” Acting Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett said. “We continue working every day to prevent local transmission as mosquito season approaches in New Jersey.”

So far there have been no reports of Zika cases in the mainland United States that were transmitted by a mosquito. However, there have been more than 500 known cases of travelers acquiring the infect

“DIGEST: Washington PostWSJ, GM WatchBBC, NPR, ABC, New Scientist, CDC, Human Rights Watch]

The Zika virus has been blamed for thousands of cases of the birth defect microcephaly, a condition in which babies are born with severely shrunken heads and brain damage. But Brazilian and Argentinian medical organizations have recently challenged that connection, claiming that the chemical larvicide Pyriproxyfen may be to blame instead.

The suggestion is one of a number of alternate theories regarding the cause of the crisis; however, health officials from the United States, Brazil and other regions have quickly rebutted any such theory.

The Argentine organization University Network of Environment and Health (REDUAS) released a report in February observing that most affected children live in areas in which the larvicide Pyriproxyfen was added in 2014 to local drinking water in an attempt to control mosquito populations. Pyriproxyfen is used to create malformations in mosquito larvae, in order to impair their development and reproductive abilities.

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Their report cautions that “Many policy-makers, even PAHO and OMS, epidemiologists, public health experts, chemists and politicians in general easily forget that human beings, every one of us, have deployed embryonic development processes in which we go through very different stages. The evolution from zygote to embryo, from embryo to foetus and from foetus to newborn, is not far from the development process of the mosquito affected by pyriproxyfen. They also very easily try to ignore that in humans, 60% of our active genes are identical to those of insects such as the Aedes mosquito.”

Meanwhile, the Brazilian government has refuted the doctors’ claim, and says that it uses only World Health Organization-approved pesticides. In addition, the Brazilian Association for Collective Health – cited in the REDUAS paper as having questioned the link to the birth defects to Zika, and noting the possibility of other factors, including a chemical model for mosquito control – has also discredited any link between microcephaly and pesticide use. It cautioned against “spreading untruths and content without any (or enough) scientific basis.” The REDUAS doctors acknowledge that the group has not performed any lab studies or epidemiological research to support their claims.

The Zika virus has been found in only five cases of women who gave birth to babies with microcephaly, out of a study of 3,893 cases of the malformation confirmed before January 20, 2016. A survey of more than 3,000 currently pregnant women diagnosed with Zika found no evidence of microencephaly and birth defects have not been associated with previous outbreaks of Zika, which first affected humans in the 1960s. The doctors also note that birth defects have not been found in other countries affected by Zika. Colombia has counted more than 31,000 cases of the virus, with more than 5,000 pregnant women included in the current outbreak. Colombia has not seen a single Zika-linked case of microencephaly.

Microcephaly is associated with severe intellectual impairment and motor skills problems.Geoff Woods, a clinical geneticist at the University of Cambridge who is studying affected babies, says damage impacts the brain stem and the cerebellum, which control many involuntary functions, such as swallowing, controlling body temperature and blood pressure. People born with microcephaly have typically shorter life spans. They will need specialized care for the rest of their lives.

On February 1, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global health emergency requiring international response, in the same category as the Ebola virus. WHO general director Margaret Chan called Zika an “extraordinary event” .”

Fifteen of those travel-related cases are in New Jersey.”

Call me just another conspiracy theorist,  call me whatever you want, but come on……………How does any of this measure up?  Are we creating another sub-group of children that will suffer from this mystery???

What will we do now?  Create more pharmaceutical medications, more vaccines?

Our children are our future, our children bring us unconditional love, they bring us so much wisdom.  They are not gestational lab rats.  They are the next generation that have the potential to change humanity and to apply the “wisdom of the ages”, to develop the gifts of this world that have been buried within greed.

We should be nurturing life, honoring life. But will we choose to do so?

Or will we choose to remain ignorant, and continue to close door after door within the new life that we bring into this world.

All in the name of GREED.